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Future Systems (FS) has slowly taken over every aspect of our lifestyles over the years. They currently control both the education and healthcare systems, and even transformed the global financial system by introducing a one-world currency (FCOIN). Their next move appears to be headed towards overthrowing the various judiciary systems around the world to fit in their plans for a one-world government.


“For A Better Tomorrow”, or so they say, but at what cost?

Individuality and privacy are no longer part of our lives, and any attempt to voice an opinion that differs from one set by Future Systems could result in severe repercussions.

Everyone in this day and age carries with themselves a mobile device equipped with the FS app, as it is essential for their daily activities and necessities. With such influence, Future Systems has the power to shut down a user’s access to basic needs and services with the flick of a switch.

As far as we know, the founder of DEFY, kha0s, has been working with Future Systems for at least 13 years, since 2035. Over the years he came to realize the true nature of Future Systems and their plans for the world, however, he could not risk losing everything to fight such a powerful corporation.

kha0s first hatched a plot to hack into Future System’s network via infiltrating the FS mobile app over four years ago, in 2044, when the world as a whole took a dramatic shift in granting Future Systems an unprecedented amount of power and influence. He knew the best way to engage with the masses was by utilizing the one platform every modern-day citizen uses as a means of gaining access to basic necessities. Together with zer0, the very first Operative to join kha0s on his goal, the two started work on creating an exploit for the FS app.


After successfully creating Virtual Private Masks (VPMs) to effectively conceal one’s identity from Future Systems, as well as developing the exploit within the FNET, kha0s kickstarted the revolution that has been in the works for years. The DEFY organization was officially founded on 28 February 2048.


By 30 March 2048, over a thousand citizens had chosen to rise up, acquire VPMs, and join DEFY, following kha0s in joining the revolution.

A lot of time had went into building the exploited (DEFY) application, as there can be no room for error when dealing with going against Future Systems. Others have tried to in the past and failed in ways that led to severe consequences, ones which cannot be risked again. Therefore, it is imperative the revolution be set up proper prior to launching a full-scale uprising.


This where the first Operation begins; Operation Alpha.









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