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Congratulations on reaching the next milestone goal of 20,000 hacks! 1,500,000 $DEFY tokens will be locked up on June 1st.


The event ends for now, but keep on the lookout for more opportunities to lock up tokens!


DATES: May 20th 0:00 UTC - May 28th 23:59 UTC

Operatives around the world need to work together to hack as many Future System towers as possible, to lock up the maximum amount of $DEFY tokens.

As a reward for your efforts, based on the number of tower hacks conducted by operatives during the event, we will determine the amount of $DEFY tokens that get sent to a vesting contract and taken out of circulation.

Our game offers tokens for gameplay, but the amount that is issued is subject to fluctuate over the course of time. This can be based on various things, such as the amount left in our treasury, or token price. We think it will be of great value to our users to have a large pool of tokens set aside, which is unaffected by the fluctuation. Also, although not final, we do have plans to allow users to decide amongst themselves how to issue the tokens as rewards. We feel like this pool can be used as a jackpot which can be accumulated over time, and allows for bigger and better prizes down the line.

Token lock-up Chart:

Number Towers hacked           DEFY Tokens locked

4,000                                                     300,000

8,000                                                     500,000

10,000                                                   1,000,000

20,000                                                  1,500,000


  • All tokens will be locked up from June 1st (time TBD), for 2 years (24 months).

  • During lock-up, the tokens will be removed from circulation, and unavailable to transfer, but will be available for transfer after the lock-up period has passed. (Not to be confused with a token burn).

Good luck Operatives!

Spring Quest 

DATES: 29 April - 7 May


CHIPS Increase: Make an in-app purchase during the sale and get an additional 20% more CHIPS! From 1 - 7 May there will be new exclusive drone parts and DEFY Uprising Masks dropping in store for a limited time only! Stock up now and take advantage of this fantastic offer.


Crate Building Event: Collect new items on the map and craft a $DEFY crate with a chance to win a massive 5,000 $DEFY! Feeling lucky? Open the crate and take your shot at the jackpot, or sell it back to the DEFY Market Maker here for 1,000 $DEFY.


Buyback Campaign: Have excess C1 blueprints lying around? Sell them to the DEFY Market Maker and earn extra $DEFY

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

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